Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Man oh man! That looks like a really fun Kindergarten Classroom.  I wish the school I went to looked like this.

Cheyenne's first day of Kindergarten was yesterday.  I was really iffy about sending her to a regular public school.  I really wanted her to go to a Charter school.  I found one that I was really impressed with, and wanted her to go there.  Matt is really anti-charter/home school.  He went to a regular public school and has found no problem with them.  I have seen the schools these days and they make me really nervous.  However the public school near us is a pretty good one and happens to be the same one that Matt went to, when he was young.

She was really excited to be going to school to (Kody has been in a special needs preschool since last December) because Kody will be going again this year.  She absolutely loved it today, I hope she continues to enjoy it.  Her teacher, Mrs. Nitiharto, is really great (I just hope that she can handle Cheyenne's strong will).

She was so excited to go back today.  She was ready to go to bed at 5:00 PM last night, just so that she could get up and get ready to go this morning.  She told me last night what it was that she wanted to wear for today?

I know that this sound really awful, but I am looking forward to have her gone for a few hours a day.  I haven't really had a break since she was born, so this will give me a little catch-up time to get the things that I need to done.

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