Friday, August 31, 2012

My New Schedule

I am a pretty lucky gal, for now at least.  I am able to just focus on Austin for about three hours a day.  Cheyenne is in Kindergarten now, and Kody is in Preschool again.  Chey goes from 9:05-11:58 and Kody goes from 9-12.  The times they are gone is pretty much the same.  Chey will go M-F and Kody will go T-F, so at least 4 days a week it is just me and my baby.  This time will mostly get used for work, because I only have one to think about.

I am a little worried about how Austin is going to take them both being gone.  I am affraid that she is going to get very clingy.  I am going to have to find things to keep her busy.  Maybe I will have her start doing preschool stuff to get her sort of ready for when she goes in three years.

But having three hours a day at least four days a week is going to be pretty awesome.  I love my kids it will just be nice to have a slight break in the day to get the things that I need to done.  I find that I am able to work for pretty much able to work solid for that three hours.  I am really excited to be able to spend that much time working and cleaning.

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