Monday, August 6, 2012

Prep for Her Party

I have been doing so many things for Chey's party.  Her party is in about a week and a half and all I really have to worry about at this point is the food portion of things.  Matt will tell you that I have gone totally crazy when it comes to the buggy garden theme.  I really have loved working with a specific theme, it makes me look into so many awesome ideas that make you think outside the box.  
I made these for all of the kids and I am putting magnifying glasses, tweezers, and butterfly nets with them as part of the favors.
I cut all of these for all the kids to put their lunches in.  I wanted a picnic lunch.
I made this for Chey, to put all of her fun stuff into.
What kid doesn't love glow in the dark stuff.  So I made her a lightening bug jar.

I also put together a couple games for them to play.  We will have a spider crawl relay (they crawl on their hands and feet with their bellies up), we will also have a fly swatter relay (put bugs on fly swatters and cross the yard without dropping them).  I am also having a craft, a butterfly life cycle (in pasta).  And then we will be having a good picnic lunch.  I am also sending home the beginnings of a fairy garden (a bird house for them to paint, some pebbles as a walkway, and also a flower for the kids to plant).

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