Friday, August 3, 2012

Ways you could be wasting money

1-Be diligent about turning off lights and use surge protectors. Also unplug things when you are not using them so that you aren't wasting electricity

2-Set your thermostat lower than you usually do. We do 68 in the winter and 72 in the summer. I know we could probably go lower but it is a start, right? :)

3-Avoid ATM and Bank Fee's. Plan ahead! I am always keeping tabs on what it is I need cash for and make sure to use my bank's ATM to avoid fees.

4-Don't shop for "fun." Shopping should NEVER be a hobby
Stop buying books, magazines, and music. Use your library! We go once a week and stock up and love our library.

5-Limit your tv watching. I gave up tv last fall. Seriously. I haven't watched a tv show in months. I don't even miss it!
6-Stop gifting out of obligation. Give the gift of service like helping someone or a homemade gift. You don't have to buy an elaborate gift for every party or celebration. Seriously. Who are you trying to impress?  I don't give a lot of gifts, but my kids are just barely getting to this age.

7-Stop drinking soda! This will save you a TON of money. Water is basically free from your tap! If you don't trust your tap, invest in a good water pitcher. 

8-Gyms-if you aren't using yours (be honest) then cancel it! You could save hundreds $$$ a year! Walk, run, use the library for DVD's, youtube, etc.  I have a Yoga ball and a treadmill and we have netflix, which has a whole bunch of workouts. That is all I need.

9-Cigarettes and alcohol. Need I say more?

10-Upgrading. When companies say, "Would you like to upgrade for just..." NO. Usually its not worth it.

11-Daily internet deals. Unless you KNOW you will use that living social or groupon deal right away and NEED something, don't do it. I personally am not a huge fan. They always have a ton of stipulations that kind of ruin the fun anyway. I have seen so many of my friends not able to use them in the end.

12-Buying New. If you don't shop garage sales or thrift stores, you are missing out! :) I don't care if you are a millionaire. Seriously. Don't throw your hard earned cash away!  I love shopping thrift stores and yard sales, I find most of my kids clothes this way.

13-Paying too much for insurance, cable, etc. Shop around for better deals often!

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