Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures: The Craft Fair

This was an endeavor for me.  I don't spend a lot of time away from my babies and so this was a little rough for me.  My friend and I decided to participate in the craft fair for our cities celebration.  It was something I don't normally do, but it was great.

I was a little nervous about being away from my kids for three days and not being at home to get my stuff done.  Matt's family and my Mom stepped up to the plate and watched the kids.  Matt was at work every one of the three days and unable to help me at all.  We had to have one of us there at all times, I was there pretty much all day, every day.

I had recently started a diet in which you watch what you eat, eat more frequently, and eat a lot more fresh things.  This was probably a really great thing for me to have done.  Normally I get really sick when I am in the heat, eating in this manner really helped me not get sick.  Throughout all of these days, I did pretty good as far as sleep.  The very last day I was exhausted and just wanted to rest.

Other than that it was really great to have a few days away from my kids and spend a bunch of time with my friend.  I did all of my Shaklee stuff, and my friend had all of her bows and jewelry type stuff there.  You can see all of her stuff at Kirstens Creations, she does some really neat stuff.  All in all, I was hot and sweaty but had a good time.

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