Friday, September 21, 2012

Crafting on a Budget

Because of all of the projects I have been finishing up lately, I have had a miriad of stuff to recycle.  Because of how I was raised, I often try to find a new use for something that other people would normally throw away.  How ever I am not a pack-rat, if I cannot find a use for it within a week or two then the object goes in the trash.
After I finished knitting a bunch of dishrags, I had a few cones left over from the yarn.  I thought awesome I can make some trees out of them and have an amazing grouping that didn't cost me a lot to make.  For a few dollars for the cost of ribbon, I had a new addition to my fall decor.  It was a super easy project, a little bit of glue and wrap the ribbon around them and voila, trees.
Cheyenne helped me pick out the colors for this projects and I think that she did an awesome job.  The whole projects cost me four dollars and added a lot to my fall decor collection.  I am finally making a lot of pretty things for fall, I have been wanting to do this for the last few years and have never had the funds and now I am finding less expensive ways to get the things that I want.  You will see a lot of projects in the next little bit just for this fall.

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