Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanks Sign for Fall

This projects has taken me a little while to finish.  This one has also been my most frustrating one to do.  The paint I bought for this sign was the cheap stuff from Joann's, the coverage wasn't as good as I wanted it to be so it took a lot of coats to get it the way it is.  I also was using elmer's style glue to crackle it, and while it works it wasn't as good as the crackle you get from the craft store.  So while it looks decent, I am picky enough that it is not my favorite, however it is eight feet in the air and you can't see all of the flaws.
This sign took a bit to finish up because I was waiting on the board, I finally got tired of waiting for Matt to get it for me and got it myself.  E6000 is the greatest glue for this project, it worked like a charm.  I finished it up and put it up in my dining room.  Such a good addition to my hutch, it looks so nice.  Now that it is done I can work on my other projects for Fall.

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