Monday, October 22, 2012

Button Painting

A lot of times when I see something on Pinterest, I want to try it for myself.  Sometimes, it isn't possible and sometimes I think that I won't do it well enough.  I saw a fall painting done with buttons, and I decided that I would try it. 

Just a little background, I used to be quite immersed in the art world.  I did classes and had a lot of talent and even more potential.  Then we get to the point where I got married and started having kids, and most of my talent was squandered.  When you don't use your talents often enough, you don't just get rusty, you can down right loose it.  Now rather than looking amazing it looks like just anyone could have done my work.
I can tell you that, it makes me down right mad that I didn't do anything with it for about the last five years and now I have to fight to make things look even a little bit good.  But at least I tried.  Without further ado, hear is what 5 years of laziness look like.

It doesn't look super great, but it is mine.

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