Friday, October 5, 2012

Kody's Version of a Snowflake

Recently when I was making a soccer goal, the kids were trying to help me (which usually means they are driving me crazy and really in my way).  I had all of my PVC pipes cut and was waiting for Matthew to help me put them together, when Dakota is telling me that he has made something.  I come in and he tells me that he has made a snowflake, Man I love a kid who can think outside the box in the middle of the summer none the less.

He had put them all crossing in pretty much the middle and in a way it actually looked like a snow flake.  Another thing he did recently was to get into the diaper wipes.  He was squeezing the liquid out of them and told me that they are "clouds and they're raining, Mommy".  I was mad that he had gotten into the wipes but couldn't help but laugh at this smart little boy.

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