Monday, October 29, 2012

Planning Dakota's Birthday

I really like this for a dessert idea, I would change out the M&M's for drops though (because of Dakota's artificial dye issues)
This would be a healthy side to go with lunch
The stoplight idea would make cute gift bags, now if only I can find black ones
This would be really easy to do with construction paper
Probably a bit messy, but a really cute idea.  I saw an idea where they made cars out of hotdogs, by wrapping them in cresent rolls and adding olive slices for the wheels and half a pickle chip for a windshield.
This is cute but time consuming and a bit big to try to take home
I could save up the stuff for these in no time at all and the kids could decorate to their hearts content.

I have said this before, I am a planner and I take it to a somewhat crazy level.  I love to have something to work on and plan.  I love to be prepared way ahead of time and make sure all of the details are as perfect as I can make them.

It is time to start working on Dakota's Fifth birthday.  Yes I am aware that he only turned four a couple days ago.  When I have asked him what kind of a party he wants the only thing that he tells me is a car party.  Thankfully my kids aren't to specific and it is left open for interpretation.  This is actually the perfect theme for him.  Kody doesn't go to sleep at night without a hot wheels/matchbox car in hand.  By the way, this is not the Disney version of cars, this is a very generic all inclusive car theme.

There very first thing that I did was google car parties and I found a wealth of ideas.  Yay, for google.  There were food ideas and craft ideas and game ideas, it was just about everything.

I love how all of my kids a very different and I get the challenge to make it for them, on a budget, and crafted  if I can.  It is just so much fun.

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