Monday, October 15, 2012

Preschool fun for Austin Pt. 2

I made another activity bag for her to play with while her brother and sister are at school.  This one is a little more her age appropriate.  It is mostly about colors.  Some of the other things that she gets to do while they are gone is color with crayons, paint with water colors and mold with playdough.  She also has letter and number magnets and side walk chalk.

This activity was really simple to do as well.  I googled pom pom patterning and found a site that had four that I could print for free.  I printed them off onto cardstock and put them into a gallon sized bag and labeled it.  I bought the pom poms at Dollar Tree and tossed in the colors that went with the cards.  Easy peasy.

She really liked this activity a lot and is learning her colors really well.  We will get to the patterning as time goes by.  I love to see her learn and make the connections in her head.  It is so much fun to do some of the activities with her.  There will be more in the future.

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