Friday, November 16, 2012

America's Cheapest Family

I come from a very frugal family background.  My parents have always tried to save money anywhere that they could.  I was taught from a young age that you shouldn't pay full price for anything if you can avoid it.

I recently read a really awesome book, America's Cheapest Family.  I have read a lot of books on saving money and doing things for less.  I am kind of obsessed with this type of book.  I love saving money and it makes me want to do better when I hear other peoples stories and they are doing really great things with their budgets.

I didn't really learn anything new from this book, but it was a great culmination of everything that I have read from other books.  This book reiterated everything that I have been trying to do for quite some time.
I really love this book.  It was really east to understand and made a lot of sense.

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