Friday, November 2, 2012

Difficult Circumstances

How many of you out there have rambunctious boys?  Or maybe just some that are destructive?  Ooh, what about lacking an attention span?

There are times I am at my wits end with my son.  I love him so much, however there are other days when I would rather work a full time job rather than deal with him for another second.  He drives me mad.
Dakota has some learning disabilities, and these make him really difficult to deal with.  He has a lot of emotional anxiety issues, that make him rather emotional (some times he will cry at the drop of a hat just like a little girl).  Kody is very hyperactive, all of these things put together actually make him quite destructive.  His destructive side drives me up the wall.

In the after math of his destruction we come out of this week with a destroyed dresser and a broken lamp.  I am sure there were a few other things, but these are the two that stand out for the week.  Yes stuff like this happens on a weekly basis.  Yes, we have toys and yes he gets to go outside to play.  Nothing we do has helped the scenario.  I think we have tried everything.

Anyway, the pictures that you are seeing are the drawers of Dakota's dresser.  He was playing in his room and apparently got bored.  He pulled all of the drawers out of his dresser, dumped the clothes out and then stomped through the bottom of all of his drawers.  I was so angry that I was almost in tears, the thought came to mind of where do I put his clothes now.

Matt is going to help me replace the bottoms of the drawers, because buying a new dresser isn't an option right now.  Now, on to the lamp.  He broke the LED bulb that was in it, destroyed the metal lamp base, and thrashed the lamp shade all in the space of about three minutes while I was asking Matt a computer question.  I was mad enough to forget to take pictures of that one.
Man, have we had one heck of a week.

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