Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Winter Activity

Usually in Utah we have really good winters, this is not fun for me.  I really hate snow, it is cold and hard to drive in.  Even though I hate winter, there are things that I love to do in the winter.

My favorite thing to do is to see the lights in temple square and then have hot cocoa after.  The lights in temple square are beautiful and to some degree each section has a special meaning.  The fact that The LDS Church puts them up every year is awesome.

We used to go up to Salt Lake City to see them with our youth groups.  Matt has taken me up there many times over the years.  It is just an awesome place to be.

It it kind of a special place for me, because the night of Matt's Dad's funeral, we went up there with Matt's stepmom.  It was a calming thing after such a horrible few days.

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