Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Such a Relief

For those of you who don't know, Matt and I live in an old house (about 100 years old in fact).  I love my house, but as with old houses it needs some maintenence.  Matt hasn't had a lot of time in the past few years to get to all of this, he finishes school in October and then he will have the time he needs to make  few small repairs.  I do what I can but with all of the things that I have to do, there are a lot of things that I can't get done either.  I am trying to get to all of these things as I can.

I have been meaning to get to my front porch for quite some time.  It has been a long time since I cleaned it off.  There were a few things that I wanted Matt to do, that I just had to realize that he wasn't going to get to (this frustrates me to no end, I don't ask himto do a lot).  Anyway, I finally got off my duff and did it.  Matt wasn't even home at the time to help with it.  It looks so much better.

As with our dining table, our front porch seems to be the catch all for stuff - like gardening tools and pots.  I got so tired of it looking junky, that a lot of stuff got thrown in the garbage and recycling.  Then it was time for a good sweeping, it was awful.  The camp chair had been sitting there for the last couple of years.  Every time that I asked Matt to put it away (so that it wouldn't get weathered), he would tell me that it would be okay because it was in the shade.  I can tell you that it looks awful now and all because of his laziness. 

There was so much trash that he just leaves there, which makes me so mad, it included old broken sprinklers since he is the one to repair them.  I have had enough, I got mad and I took care of it.  I really wanted it looking nice for fall.  I want the porch to be an inviting place, where it is the first welcoming thing that visitors see.  The front porch is an extension of your home and should look just as nice as you want your house to look, that is just my opinion at least.

Don't mind the weedy flower beds, I hope to remedy them soon.  I think the porch looks so much better.  Now I just need to come up with some decent furniture.  I want to be able to spend a lot more time out on my front porch.
To have the front yard finished up, we need to: 1. Put in all of our concrete (driveway and walkways) 2. Plant and edge all of our flower beds 3. Help our lawn a little bit  4. Put in some better lighting on the porch and pillars  5. Obtain some pretty furniture for the porch.  All of these things would be relatively easy, it just takes a bit of money that we don't really have.  We will get there eventually.

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