Monday, November 5, 2012

Tooth Brush Bracletts

Okay, so I did see this on pinterest.  But growing up, we made these in young womens.  When I was a teenager these were a very popular thing to make and wear. I have not seen translucent tooth brushes in quite sometime (I miss the little kids toothbrushes that had sesame street characters on them, those were the cutest).  Anyway, when I saw the cheap equate toothbrushes that were actually translucent, I was overjoyed.

Let me just tell you they were super easy to make.  All you do is pull out all of the bristles (this takes some time and wears on your hands a bit). Once that is done you get a pot of water boiling and put them in for a couple of minutes.  The plastic gets soft enough that you can bend it.  I would recommend using tongs to remove them from the pot and hot pads for bending them (unless you can handle the heat).  If they don't look right or fit right you can put them in again and re-bend them.

These were really easy and I thought they were really fun. My brother is getting a purple one for Christmas and I made one to fit Cheyenne.

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