Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rustic Christmas Gifts

This year for Christmas, I was trying to save money and also make things a lot more personal.  My sister and her husband are a lot more rustic and out-doorsy, so I had a lot fun/headache coming up with something that fit in the budget for them.  I scoured pinterest and craft stores trying to find ideas.

I found some stuff that works for them.  I found the wreath on pinterest and after seeing a package of feathers and the shot gun shells I had the brilliant plan for the ornaments.  Pinterest is awesome. 
The ornaments were really easy and quick, which is my type of project.  I bought the plastic, break-in-half ornaments at Hobby Lobby, along with the feathers.  I already had the jute and the raffia on hand.  I put a few feathers in each ornament with a shotgun shell.  Then I glued the ornament together with the jute hiding the seam.  I added the jute bow on the top to add to the cuteness.

The wreath was a whole different story.  Yes it was inexpensive and yes it fit the bill, but it was a time consuming difficult project.  I bought a wire wreath form at Hobby Lobby and also some wire.  I got all of the shot gun shells at the outdoor rifle range, that we have locally.  I used a leather hole punch to put holes in the shot gun shells and then wired them onto the form.  After that, I put a hanger loop on it with a heavy gauge wire.  And it also needed a big raffia bow, as well.

I love how they turned out and I hope they will love them as much as I do.

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