Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Childhood Letters

Last post, I told you about how my best friend moved across the country.  Well our girls are best friends as well.  The girls are also in Kindergarten this year and learning to write.  Because of all of these facts, Jenny and I were talking one day and decided to have the girls write letters back and forth.

We decided that they each should write two letters a month.  This way they keep in touch and also increase their literacy.  We figured it would be good for them to be pen pals, it gives them something to look forward to. 

I decided I was having Cheyenne write her letters, on what I would call Kindergarten paper, the type they learn to write on.  Because they aren't very pretty paper, I made some homemade envelopes to send them in.

Cheyenne really enjoyed writing a letter to Sophie.  She kept begging me to write another one.  She loves her best friend Sophie.

In her letter she wrote:

Dear Sophie,
I miss you so much.  I miss playing with you.  Did you have a good Christmas?  How do you like your new school?  I like to play on the play ground at school.  I had so much fun at your house.  What did you get for Christmas?  From Santa, I got some spiders and a couple of spider books.  From my Mommy and Daddy, I got a new blanket, a mop head doll, a pillow case night gown and some Pinkalicious books.  Did you like the scrunchies I gave you?  Did you do any thing fun for Christmas?  Have you had any snow yet? We have had lots of snow.  Will you write me back?  I love you.  
Love, Cheyenne
Sophie's letter, or what is left of it

I Sophie's letter to Cheyenne she wrote:

Dear Cheyenne,
I had a good Christmas. I got a brite light pillow. I love you and I miss you.  How are you liking school

I am really loving the girls writing letters back and forth.  I have noticed they don't miss each other as much as they did before we got them writing letters.  I also love to see their hand writing develop.

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