Monday, January 14, 2013

Finally a Tutorial: Mop Head Dolls

Last month I made mop head dolls for my kids for Christmas.  I promised that I would write up a tutorial for making them.  So here it is as I promised.

I bought three mop heads at Sam's Club for about $8.00.  I used yarn that I already had.  The eyes are buttons that I had in my stash as well.  I do not have a tutorial for the clothes, but I used the left over bags from the kids bedding, so that didn't cost either.

On to the tutorial.

Step 1: take out the stitches and mesh that binds the mop strings together.  Do this carefully, so that the strings stay even and untangled.

Step 2: tie yarn around the middle of the group of strings.  Do this as tightly as possible with out breaking the yarn.

Step 3: fold the bundle in half at the yarn and tie more yarn around the bundle to form a neck.  You just have to estimate how far down you want the neck.

Step 4: divide off part of the strings on each side, for the arms.  You can just estimate and tie yarn where you want the wrists to be, I braided mine to make them a bit stronger.  You can cut them to length now, I chose to wait so that they were more proportionate.

Step 5: tie a section of yarn around what will be the waist.  Again, all ties need to be very tight.

Step 6: divide the part below the waist into two sections.  These of course will be the legs.

Step 7: tie some yarn at the base of the sections to form to form the legs.  You may also braid these, I chose not to because I thought that it made them to stiff to sit nicely.  For girl dolls you can also leave the strings free - if the doll is to wear a dress.

Step 8: trim the ends of the arms and legs to be somewhat even - it looks better if it is not perfect.  At this point you may hot glue the ties for a bit more strength, if you feel the need.

Step 9: Embellish.  I only did eyes, because I didn't like any other facial features.  You may embellish any way you want.  I have seen them with fake hair or straw hats.  I knew my kids would just ruin them.

So there you have it, Mop Head Dolls.  Not to hard.

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