Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun Things Planned for 2013

I don't know about all of you, but there are already a lot of things popping up. In the month of March I am taking a trip to Texas with some friends.  In August, Matt and I are going to a huge conference for my work.

All in all there are a lot of things coming up.  My calendar is already starting to become blocked out
I haven't even started adding in all of the extra fun  things we like to go do.  We will probably take a couple of trips to the Hogle Zoo in the spring.  Of course we will have to go up the canyon to the Alpine Loop in the fall, for the fall folieage.  That we will have to do a few times, I cannot get enough of the fall and the colors.  Then there are all of the BBQ's in the summer.  So far it looks to be an eventful year.

The things that I am excited for the most is my trip to Dallas in March, and our trip to Nashville in August.  Matt and I have never really had a vacation since we were married and I have never really been on a true vacation period.  And while these are not true to the letter vacations, they're the closest that we are going to have for a while yet.  I am so excited.

Most of the time I feel guilty taking a trip without my kids.  I was always raised with the understanding that my babies are my responsibility and to leave them with someone is considered pawning them off.  Matt was not raised this way and has no qualms letting his or my family take care of them while we are gone.  I am excited to take a much needed breather.  They have only ever spent one night away from me their entire lives, and that was this past August.

I am also hoping that we will have the opportunity to go on a couple camping trips in the next year as well.  That takes a lot for me to say, I generally hate camping and sleeping outside.  Hiking is great, but sleeping outside is a huge issue for me. 
Anyway back on topic.  We are going to have one heck of a fun year.

I am really excited about our trip to Nashville, as long as Matt and I have time we are planning on going to the Temple out there. I have never gone to the temple in another state.  This is a totally new experience for me. 

The trip to Texas has me nervous, I have never been on a plane in my life.  I have also never traveled anywhere without my Daddy or Matt.  So going all by myself has me quite scared.  I think Matt is happy to see me do something all by myself, he thinks it is a growth opportunity.  Have I mentioned, I don't want to grow right now, I like my little bubble.

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