Friday, January 25, 2013

Homemade Envelopes

I decided to make homemade envelopes, for an up coming project.  I already had the scrap booking paper, I just needed to find a template.  After looking online for a template, I decided that I would make my own.

I decided that there were two styles that would work out to be really easy for me to do.  A square one and a simple rectangular one.  The square one I made by finding out where the middle of all the sides were (I used 12"x12" scrap booking paper).  Then I cut a small triangle out where the middle mark was.  I folded in the corners to meet and used a glue stick to seal three of the sides.

For the rectangular envelope, I measured in four inches from the corners to create what would be the sides.  I again cut some small triangles where the corners would be.  I folded in the sides and then folded up the bottom.  I cut the point off of the bottom in order to make it more like a normal envelope.  Then it was time to glue the sides and bottom together.  I also took a cup and rounded the point of the top of the envelope, to make it cuter (in my opinion).

A few things to pay attention to.  1- make sure all of your sides overlap.  2- I would recommend using a glue stick, and not liquid glue, so that the paper doesn't ripple (this just looks neater and I don't have all of the fancy scrap booking or paper crafting tools, I am not cool like that and I used what I have - cause I am cool like that).  3- Use a ruler so you aren't guessing.  4- If you are making a bunch of them, used your first one - that works out - as a template.  This will make it go faster.  5- Make all of your marks on what will be the inside of your envelope.

I love how they turned out.  You can tell which of the papers Cheyenne picked out, and which ones I did.  This is going to make my next venture so much more special.

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