Friday, January 11, 2013

Matt's New Job, Yay!

Okay, so Matt has been looking for a new job since he finished school in October.  He has been a miner, since before wee got married.  It has not been a job conducive to having time with family.  It has paid the bills and had a regular schedule, that we could plan in advance somewhat around it.  He is so happy about a change.  Matt needed a job in the electronics field, as he is an Electronics Engineer. 

He got a job at local technology company.  I am not entirely sure what it is that he does, but so far he is really enjoying it.  He has every Sunday off, finally.  I only wish that he could work from home.  It is so nice for him to finally be somewhere that he enjoys the work. 

He started looking into this job right after he graduated, and he found out for sure that he got it back in the middle of December.  He has checked out a few other jobs, but this one fit him the best.  Today is the last day of his week of training.  Next week starts his regular shift schedule, having the same days off every week will be awesome.

Ultimately, I am just happy that he is enjoying it and loving what he does.  The one thing that I understand that he does is, repair robotics equipment.  He really likes to build robots.

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