Friday, January 18, 2013

My Weight Loss Goals

Okay, this one is a hard one for me (as it is for every woman), and I don't even have that much of an issue.  I have always been a bit bigger, even in elementary school.  I have never felt like I looked good or even remotely sexy.  I didn't even feel very pretty on my wedding day.  I have always watched what I eat because I come from a family of larger people.  I am always nervous to get any larger, because diabetes and heart problems run rampant throughout my family and that scares me.

My grandfather died due to his diabetes.  My grandmother died from a heart attack.  Scary stuff.  So I have always tried to be really careful.

I started working out this past summer but kept taking breaks and being lazy about it.  I went gung ho with it at the first of December and have a very distinctive goal to reach.  I want to reach my goal by the time I leave for my trip in March.

When I was at the D.I. (the Deseret Industries, a local thrift store here in Utah), I found a vintage dress that fits me everywhere except in the middle.  My middle is my worst part.  I love vintage finds, especially the ones that are socially acceptable to wear in public on a normal day.  It is brand new still has the tags on it but it older than I am.  Did I mention that to me it is gorgeous.

 This is the prettiest of the pictures.  I think the dress looks better than me about ready to go to the gym.  I love my hubby, but he is not the best photographer.

Here is the fun part, I weighed myself when I first started in December, and was at 152 lbs.  I am not weighing myself again until the dress fits.  If I weigh myself in between all I will focus on is the number.  So we will see where I get to.  The absolute goal weight would be 125, for my ideal.

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