Monday, January 28, 2013

Story of Jenn

I have been having a really hard time lately.  My best friend since 8th grade moved across the country, because her husband is in the military.  Now when I say my best friend, we have never lived very far apart.  I got married and stayed in our home town and so did she.  Our first two children are pretty much best friends.  Cheyenne and her daughter, Sophie are in the same grade.  Dakota and her son, Ethan will be in the same grade, when they start school.

We have had our kids play together for the last couple of years.  And we have gone through thick and thin together.  She is the kind of friend who you can be completely honest with and she won't take offense to it, and she is completely honest with me.

Basically I have had some crying spells over the fact that I can't just go see her anymore.  It has been really hard for me to accept.  She is pretty much a sister to me.  We are blood sisters, from when we were crazy teenagers.  I love her and miss her a bunch.

Because we have the phone and neither of us are very good at writing, we are going to be craft pals.  Every month we are going to make two copies of a craft and send one to each other.  That way we will both have some decor items, whether or not they are holiday we will decide the month before.  We wanted something to look forward to and keep us busy.  I have been looking forward to this exchange of crafts.  We are going to start with Valentines.  So make sure to keep in touch and find out what we are going to do for each other.
It will be a series, I will show you every month what I made and what she made.  I am so excited to start getting stuff from her.

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