Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Austin's Valentines

Being that my older two kids get to do Valentines because they are in school, and get to pass them out to their classmates.  I felt that it was only fair to let Austin do valentines too.  I figured that she could give them out to her Grandmas and Grandpas.  Also because artificial dyes do not affect her I let her decorate them with sprinkles, while Dakota was at school.

She was so very happy to be allowed to play in sprinkles, I thought it was a lot better plan than glitter.  She was excited to share until she realized she couldn't have them all.  She was so cute.  Matt actually helped her with the sprinkles while I spread the frosting on the cookies.

I just made some basic sugar cookies, but because I am inherently lazy, I used my cookie press to shape them.  I really hate rolling things out and using cookie cutters, it's just not my thing.

These were the first few that Austin and Matt decorated.  She was loving all of the attention.

Here is my youngest cutie, Austin.  I love those big blue eyes (my sister calls her bug because of them).

I found these bags at the dollar store, they were perfect for my needs.  Austin was happy because "they are for girls".  Little kids say the funniest things.

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