Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Austin

So today my littlest and last baby turns 3.  And unlike other women I will be honest, I turned 25 today.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed about my age, maybe I am just not old enough to feel that yet.  I have always been excited to reach the next step in life, I am now old enough to rent a car and not worry about the insurrance being an issue.

I was 22 the day of these two pictures.  

Back to Austin though, I don't really celebrate my Birthday, because we make it about her.  Austin is my spaz child.  She is kind of the odd ball of my three.  Austin has always loved funky patterns and really bright colors, finding clothes for her to wear is a challenge, because she wants to wear polkadots with stripes.  I would like her to match, but I kind of let her wear what she wants too.

Austin is the most like me, she will put up a fight if she cares enough otherwise she is pretty easy going.  Austin has an attitude the size of Texas and she will let you know about it.  She also loves to cuddle sometimes and other times she doesn't want to be touched.

Austin is often hard to walk with, because she is always trying to jump or dance as she walks.  She is usually doing something that is outright funny and  super cute.  She says some of the funniest things to.

I love to watch them grow and discover new things, they always amaze me with the things that they come up with.  I love the fact that they are growing and developing more personality and independance.

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