Friday, February 1, 2013

Matt's New Favorite

I recently tried a new meal that I thought Matt would really like.  Let's just say that he did, he loved it.  I made a New Mexican Breakfast Casserole.

Matt went on his Mission to New Mexico, ever since he has been obsessed with the food.  One question I always have to ask myself is, "would it be better with Green Chiles?"  He likes them in burritos and burgers the most, but there are so many things that they are good in.  What I have to say is I am thankful for me that he served in the South West and not somewhere Foreign.

Anyway, I Googled casseroles and came up with a bunch.  When I read through this one I knew I had to make it for him, and boy was I right.  I thought it was pretty good to, the kids didn't like it but, hey their taste buds are way messed up in my opinion.

This casserole has corn, eggs, and cheese in it.  It kind of like an omelet.  Matt likes to eat it with ketchup.

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