Sunday, March 31, 2013

Embarrassing Easter

Happy Easter, I got thinking this year about the Easter's I remember the most and why.

Every year while growing up, we went on the same vacation. My Daddy is really into off-roading/jeeping, so we always went to Moab (a city here in Utah) for the annual Easter Jeep Safari. Just FYI - there are no animals (like lions or elephants), it is a bunch of lifted and gnarley looking jeeps driving over rocks and on the edge of cliffs.
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Thinking about it now it just seems totally ridiculous, but it was a lot of fun (before life or death, and the expense of replacing broken car parts crossed my mind) when I was younger. I learned what "going topless" and "jeeping naked" meant - in jeeping terms, and no it is not what you think.

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Anyway, one year when I was six or seven, for Easter my Grandma gave us (my sister and I) Safari Outfits. They were printed with scenes from the African Savanna, they even came with the Safari style sun hats. We thought they were really first. These were ONE PIECE, like jumpers with shorts. For any of you who dig jumper fashion, Have You Ever Tried To Squat In The Great Out Doors To Pee...In said jumper? Or be a mother dealing with two little girls who don't know how, while being dressed in a jumper? Imagine being the little girls being embarrassed about possibly being seen. No, there are no bathrooms on the trail.

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The only good experience I have had with jumper attire, is when my coveralls kept my clothes from getting stained when I was in autoshop. I know that my Grandmother meant well, and she loves me. I also know that one piece attire is for the birds. It was a very memorable experience. We often looked back on the experience and joked about my Grandma in a one piece Safari outfit trying to squat and pee.

I love her and I have spent a lot of time with her. We hold no malice toward her for the outfits, now it is just funny.

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