Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter in 2 Days and The Reveal

Growing up, my Grandma always made us such cute things.  Back around Christmas I showed you the pictures of the dresses that my Grandma made for my Sister and I.  It was always special to have her make such things for us.  I love looking back on the memories.

This year I decided to make my girls some Easter dresses.  I found the perfect fabric for them and knew for months that, they were going to have Easter dresses made from it.  I am in love with how they turned out.  So cute.  While making them, I had to have the girls try them on.  It took along time to get my Austin out of hers.

Matt is very particular about what Dakota wears to Church.  He believes that all boys, except babies, should get used to a white shirt and a tie.  Kody can wear tan, black, or navy colored pants and either brown or black shoes.  We went and picked Kody up a new pair of pants, a shirt, and a new tie.  In this case Kody got a new white shirt, and I got my way and picked him up this blue one on clearance.

 Cheyenne absolutely loves her dress, and she looks so cute in it.  I love that they are a little longer to keep them a bit warmer for the next couple of months until Summer, but they are still light enough they can wear them in the summer.

I am going to make some new hair flowers, out of the extra fabric, to go with their dresses.  But it will be a bit before I can get around to it.  What do you think? Did they turn out well?

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