Friday, March 1, 2013

How We Do Chores

At our house we live by charts of different types.  We recently started Cheyenne on a chore plan, Kody has a behavior chart, and Austin has a potty chart.  Even I have a chore chart.

Cheyenne gets paid based on the chores she does.  She gets paid 50 cents per chore per week.  If she doesn't do her chores she doesn't get paid, even if she misses one day.  I make an exception for the days that she is sick or we are gone running errands.  She only has 5 chores, so she has the chance to earn $2.50 a week, and they are pretty simple things given her age.  Both will go up as she gets older.

Kody does a few chores as well, but I am focusing on his behavior before I worry about chores with him.  Kody gets rewarded with small toys and treats, when he is minding and being a good boy. ave  He has five chances throughout the day to show us he is listening and not throwing fits about what ever is going on.  We bought the markers that have the clear ink and change color as you use the colored tip over the invisible ink. He gets to choose a square and if a "magic" x appears in the square then he gets a treat.

Austin cleans up some too.  Her chart is a potty chart, because that is our challenge for right now, and she gets stickers and treats when she does her business.  She doesn't really need a chart, but this way she feels included with her older brother and sister.

My chart is mainly a reminder of what I need to do.  It also lets Matt know what it is that needs to be done and when, then he can't say "I don't know what needs to be done".  My reward is a clean house and a more organized schedule.

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