Monday, March 18, 2013

Jelly Beans

This recipe I had to see if I could do it, or if it was even possible.  Easter is right around the corner and, what is Easter with out Jelly Beans.  My personal favorite are Jelly Belly sours.  Being that Dakota can't have normal Jelly Beans, I needed to find a way for him to enjoy something that the rest of us can.

The first thing that you need is a jelly bean mold and I found those here.  I got the recipe from here.

Here are my Jelly Bean molds after I washed, dried, and sprayed them with cooking spray.

I started with 3/4 C. of water, 1 1/4 C. of sugar, and I packet of gelatin in a large sauce pan.  Bring up to 230 degrees.  I used a candy thermometer.

This takes a little while and you need to stir regularly to keep it from burning.

Pull the pot off of the heat and put into ice water.  Then mix in 1/2 C. of juice (pulp-less) and 1/4 tsp. salt

Then you are ready to pour the mixture into the molds.  I tried using a spoon, that was a mess.

I decided that the turkey baster was much easier.  Then let them set up in the molds for 4-6 hours

Pull them out of the molds onto parchment paper and let them dry for another few hours, lightly dusting them with corn starch can help.

After they are dry, now it is time to create the shell.  Create a mixture of 1/4 C. water and 3/4 C. sugar (I used powdered sugar, because she mentions using a finer sugar for a better texture).  Tumble the beans and the mixture in a mason jar for about 15 minutes.  Now take them out and lay them on parchment paper to dry over night.  

In the morning flip them over and let the bottom dry for a few more hours.

Chey seems to be enjoying them.

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