Monday, March 11, 2013

No HFCS: Fruit Snacks

I will be totally honest, we have found fruit snacks from Costco (Tree Top brand) that do not have HFCS or artificial dyes.  I decided these were more of a challenge for me to see if I could find a recipe that my kids would like and if it was even possible to make them from home.  These were pretty good cold, but I have no idea if the would be good room temperature as well.

Let me just say these were so easy.  I found this recipe from so crazy simple.  The recipe requires 1 1/2 C. juice, 3 TBSP. pectin, and 2 packets of gelatin.

I mixed everything together in a microwave safe bowl and heated it in 1 min. intervals for 4 minutes.  You will want to watch it pretty close for the second half so it won't foam all over your microwave.

I then poured it into a 9x9 glass pan that I had sprayed with oil.  I was afraid it would be like jello and stick to the sides of the pan.  Then I let them set up for a few hours, just like you would jello.

I made 2 flavors with the juices that I had on hand.  White cranberry strawberry and white grape peach.

I cut it into squares and put the pieces in a covered bowl and put them in the refrigerator.  My kids ate them like crazy, one right after the other.  All in all I will make them again.


  1. I can't wait to try these! My 3 year old is addicted to gummy snacks so I know she'll like these.

  2. These were way easy, and my kids are addicted