Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shirt Alteration

I found this shirt at a local thrift store.  I fell in love with the print and how light and airy the fabric is.  I thought that this was the perfect top to redo for spring.

Here is the collar, yes that will change.

Here is the sleeve, and that will change too.

I haven't decided what to do with the pocket if anything.

Here is the finished product on me, and yes I know that it is not ironed

I liked a fluffier sleeve, so here is the redone sleeve.

I ended up having to remove the pockets, so that I could move the darts.  The old ones just were not lining up nicely with the girls.

Here is the redone hem, the shirt needed to be a little shorter than it was.

Here is how the collar turned out, I like it better.

And here is a prettier picture of the finished product.  I like how it looks redone.  A wearable item of clothing.  And yes it still needs to be ironed.

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