Monday, April 15, 2013

Living Room Updates: Wall Art

I have been wanting to hang pictures up in my living room for quite sometime.  However we have three kids who have been a bit young and unable to handle anything with glass.  I saw the idea on pinterest to use the plaques from the craft store, but those are like 15 bucks a piece and I am broke.

I wanted them to be pretty big, so I used a 12x48 in. board (you choose the thickness) and had my Dad cut it into three pieces.

Then I painted them the blue that I wanted.

Then I mod podged the pictures on them.  These are just 8x10's from Wal-Mart.

No they are not dry yet.  I will show you more as we redo the living room, including where they are going to go.

Man alive they're cute kids.

I love her little tongue hanging out.

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