Friday, April 19, 2013

My First Experience With Trader Joe's

So for roughly the past two years, I have been hearing all of the raving for Trader Joe's.  We finally got one in Utah last year (I so wish Aldi would get with the program).  Trader Joe's is in Salt Lake City, which can be quite the drive for us, we don't generally go that far north.

Normally you can't have this without tons of red 40, yuck.  But these are all natural.

We finally decided to make the drive up and check it out.  I have a friend who told me it was right up my alley.  We don't eat anything with high fructose corn syrup or dyes in it (mostly because of our son, but also because I don't want that chemical crap in my body).

There are so many yogurts that my poor boy can't have, and he loves yogurt.

I was totally flabberghasted.  Wow, I was the kid in the candy store.  There were so many good for you things there.  Crackers without HFCS, colored candy that was made without dyes, Joe Joe's (like Oreo's without all the yucky stuff).  I even found a spicey ginger ale (darn Stewart's no one else can even measure up).

Matt became my photo victim. Enter evil cackle.

We didn't get a bunch of stuff, cause I did't have my grocery list with me.  The kid's were pretty excited because they can finally have M&M's (they are really chocolate covered sunflower seeds with a candy shell, dyed with natural dyes).

We will be journeying up there every few months to get some snacking staples.  I was in love, it was totally awesome.  I should have gone up there sooner.  They were a bit crowded, but there is only one in Utah.

Vanilla Bean Cream, yes please.

I couldn't get these pictures to turn, but both of these things looked yummy.

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