Friday, April 26, 2013

My New Floor

I have been living in a constant construction zone for a week now.  This style of living will probably continue for another week or so.  I don't love it but I am so excited for the finished result.

We have lived in our house for six years now.  We have done a lot of projects, but not the living room.  We always thought that it was one of our better rooms.  I had finally had enough.

I was tired of living in oatmeal, lots of tans, creams, and browns.  No more, I need color.  The original plans were to repaint and refinish the floors, for ease and cost reasons.

The wood floors are original to the house, meaning 100 years old.  They were scratched and pitted really bad.  I like the character, but not how dark and difficult to clean they were.  A lot of the original varnish was missing and we were getting slivers.

We started looking into what it would take to redo the floor.  Sander, stain, and varnish; the costs were adding up.  We were still thinking about it when we saw that laminate flooring (faux wood) was on sale and would cost about the same. 

I am going to be honest.  Matt and I like laminate more than wood.  It is a lot easier and less time consuming than redoing the wood.  My house won't smell like lacquer for three weeks and there are no fumes to hurt Toby (the lizard).  We would have had the kids and I out of the house while Matt redid the flooring.

We borrowed a saw from my Brother-in-law.  We got the flooring from Home Depot.  It is called Hampton Bay Silver hill Oak.  I really like instant gratification.  I like quick and easy, especially with all of the other stuff we have had to do.  The wide planks are beautiful.

What do you think?


  1. bleach it and varnish it with the same color, if its doesnt work cut it out and replaced it with the same wood color that you will take to the same wood in a covered space or cut it in square then flip it and use the back of the wood
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