Monday, April 22, 2013

My Version of an End Table

My Dad is a junk collector, I think he has one or two of everything.  One thing he had was an old spool.  I had seen a coffee table made out of an old spool with book storage on Pinterest.  I needed a way to store their books for easier access.

My Dad said I could have the spool.  I was over joyed.  After redoing the dresser I was itching for another project, Matt wasn't really excited.  So it began.

There were already holes in it, so I bought dowels to put in them.  To avoid the extra work of creating a really nice top, I bought table rounds for the top and bottom.  I sanded to smooth them out.  Put in the dowels and screwed the table rounds to the top and bottom.  Then I spray painted the entire surface with high gloss spray paint.

The one thing that I really love is the locking castors that I put on it.  It isn't really heavy, but I hate lifting anything if I don't have too.  This is actually a pretty small spool so it is perfect as an end table.  Hopefully the kids don't figure out the castors.

Now if we could figure out toy storage, that they can't destroy or move to climb on something.

Here are the table rounds at Lowes.

We got dowels at Lowes as well.

Austin and Dakota are interested in everything that I am working on

Here are the castors I ended up with.

She was trying to get one of the dowels, so that she could sword fight with Dakota.  Our trip to Lowes was fun with two extra helpers. Chey was at school.

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