Monday, April 8, 2013

Using up the stash: A skirt

I saw this skirt on Pinterest, and thought I can make that.  I went to the website and followed the directions.  (the picture is a link straight to the site if you want to make one for yourself)

I personally thought that this skirt was gorgeous.  And I just happened to have enough of this pretty grey suiting to make it.  I love the tiny flowers in the pattern.

a couple of things that I didn't take into account when making this is the weight of the fabric, the fact that I am not very tall and the fact that I am not really thin.

(sorry about the picture, Matt was my photographer because I do not own a decent mirror or have a good photographer on hand)

The skirt would be gorgeous on someone with a better figure and if made in a lighter fabric.  It is much to long on me and hides what figure I do have.  The bow wasn't working right because of the fabric weight.  Come back by soon and see what I turn it into.

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