Friday, May 3, 2013

About Time for Paint

The walls have really been a long difficult project.  I don't love how much work they have been.  I don't relish the thought of going through this again.

When Matt decided we should do laminate flooring, he realized we would have to pull of the base boards.  We had already decided to pull off the chair rail.  All is I can say is, ugh.

We have plaster walls, I hate plaster.  When we removed the trim there were large portions of the walls that needed repair.  Because we already had to repair that much, we decided to pull the rocks (from where there used to be a wood burning stove) off the wall too.  It took the plaster off with them.

We had a lot of patching and sanding and more patching to do, eesh.  After all of the mudding (patching) and sanding, we had to re-texture parts of the walls.  Did you know that they make texture in a can like spray paint?  Awesome.

After all of that work, we still had to paint.  I just used to a roller, cause I am not fancy enough to have a sprayer.  We bought plain white paint in a satin/eggshell finish right off the shelf.  Just the Glidden brand from Walmart.

The ceiling is flat white ceiling paint from Walmart (also Glidden brand).  All of the trim (which I am still working on) will be Better Homes and Gardens White (cotten white) gloss enamel right off the shelf.  My wall paint is also that special paint + primer in one.

I really hate gloss paint anywhere except trim, kitchens, and bathrooms.  I don't like the glare/reflection you get from glossy paints.  We chose white paint because of the designs we wanted to put on the walls.  We also wanted to bring more light into the living room.  I like the paint and primer in one to reduce the number of coats I have to paint.

You will have to see what else I have in store.  What do you think of the paint job?

If you have any questions or comments about what we did, feel free to ask.  We are by no means experts, we just did what we know how.

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