Friday, May 17, 2013

Hooded Baby Towel Tutorial

My cousins wife is due with a baby in the very near future.  Due to our budget and time constraints, I needed to find something to do for here that was quick and easy.  I decided on a hooded towel.

I have actually been making these for years.  My mom taught me how to make them.  I had several for my kids, I would still have them to if it weren't for my kids constantly fighting over them.  Others may prefer them made a different way, but this is how I know.

TYou start with a bath towel and wash cloth (I like them to be the same color).

I fold the wash cloth in half.

I sew what would be the top from the fold to the edge.

Then turn it right side out.

Fold the towel in half (I like the inside of my hems to face the in side).

Match the folds on both the towel and washcloth.

Line up the seams, make sure that everything is on the right sides.

Stitch along the washcloth and make sure to back stitch.

This is what is will look like when done.

All done. (remember to clip all of the tails to your threads)

Isn't my model cute.

Here it is all ready to give to my cousin and his wife.

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