Friday, May 24, 2013

Kody Had to Have His Hair Washed Three Times!!!

Kody came down stairs the other day with some kind of waxy/sticky residue in his hair.  I have no idea what on earth the child got into and how it got into his hair.  His hair got washed with a normal kids tear free shampoo, that was not at all effective.  I tried my shampoo on him, it was supposed to be some awesome salon grade clarifying shampoo, that really sucked too.

At this point I was ready to pull out the clippers and shave his head, I don't really like the sight of him bald (at least it wasn't one of the girls).  It was the next step, if my other last resort (which actually should have been the first) didn't work.

This is him with his hair finally clean.  We pulled out the Basic H.  That did the job, no more nasty residue.
I totally love his reaction when we asked him what was in his hair, "I dunno".  Just like Bill Cosby said, kids have brain damage.  I wasn't lucky enough to have him escape it.

Here is him with the most magical cleaner ever, Basic H.  If you want to know where to get some of your own go here.

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