Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No More Preschool!

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For about the past year and a half, Dakota has been attending a special needs preschool.  About a month ago we pulled him out for good.  I have my own problems with the teacher, but to put it quite bluntly she was doing things she wasn't supposed to.

She had been giving Dakota foods that he wasn't supposed to have.  She had him going more days than he was supposed to.  She blamed me anytime Dakota had an illness that I wasn't aware that he had, because I contaminated her classroom.

I had enough with all of her baloney.  I was fed up with being treated like all of the classroom outbreaks being my fault, when my kid wasn't sick.  So we are done with that preschool forever.

Dakota doesn't really even need special needs services.  He is hyper active and really busy, he also has a short attention span.  He doesn't have any other issues.  He just drives people really crazy, especially me.
Because of this, I have decided to do preschool from home.  This next year Cheyenne is going to be in first grade and I will have the other two home all day long.

Because of the fact that the two younger ones will be home with me all the time, I need ways to keep them busy.  Matt and I devised a way to keep them moving.  I will spent 15 minutes of every hour that Cheyenne is in school (6 hours), working on busy bags and other preschool work.  It will amount to an hour and a half of total preschool work every day and I will be working with them in the afternoon while Cheyenne does her homework as well.

Enter my new summer series, Gearing up for Preschool.  This series will happen every Friday through June, July, and August.  In this series I will be showing and kinds of projects centered around education.  Meet me back here next Friday for the very first one.

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