Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Trip to Wheeler Farm

Yesterday we went to Wheeler Farm. It is a pretty awesome place.  It is a historic farm, that is actually still a working farm.  There are a lot of really awesome things to see.  I remember going there when I was really young, but it has probably been 15 or more years.  We invited my parents to go with us.  The kids really loved that Grandma and Grandpa were there too.
There were geese everywhere, the kids loved watching them.  Try explaining to kids that playing with geese isn't a really good option.

This was the black smith's shop and general store.  The kids decided that they needed ice cream, and my Dad was only to happy to oblige.

In my family we kind of have a thing for tractors, my sister really loves John Deere.  I had to get a picture.  They have a pretty neat collection of antique tractors up there.

The kids decided to chase my brother in circles.

I love the look of all of the old buildings.  They have so many neat things to look at.  They even had an old privy/outhouse up there.

Kody and Austin found this really cool little play house and informed Matt that theirs needed to look like this.

There were animals galore, just about everything you could see on a farm.  The kids thought that they were for petting.  They really liked the horse minus the fact that this draft horse was huge.
I really had a fun time.  We have some more awesome adventures planned for this month.  Come back and see where we go next week.  Do you have anything fun planned for this month?

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