Friday, June 21, 2013

Gearing up for Preschool: Foam Noodle Patterning

I saw this idea quite some time ago, sorry I don't remember where.  I found what I thought was a really fun color of rope, for kids.  This is three feet of plastic/nylon rope, 18 cents a foot at Lowe's.

I picked up these pool noodles at the dollar store, that was the cheapest I found them.

I measured them into 1 inch lengths and cut them with a sharp, un-serrated knife.

Did the same with the blue and the orange.

I decided that 11 pieces of each was the perfect amount.

Pretty aren't they.

Here they are all on the rope.

My kids think this one is pretty fun.  They especially like to throw the pieces at each other.  They do play with it like they are supposed to.

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