Monday, June 3, 2013

Mom Challenge: Week 2 and Week 3 Intro

This weeks challenge was to slow down.  I can slow down (unless we have somewhere to be, like school, obviously).  It isn't always easy, but I can do it.  My schedule isn't usually super full, so that helps.
We let Kody push the cart at the grocery store, this is usually a bad idea, I helped him steer so we wouldn't bump things.

We played at the park.

Chey wanted her picture taken.

We walked Cheyenne to school. Normally I make them hold me hands, but this time we let them have some freedom.

Thankfully Matt was with me, having my kids off of the sidewalks without holding hands freaks me out.
It was hard for my controlling nature to chill out for a week but I did it.
The challenge for week three is to have realistic expectations.  We will se how I do, this is something I have a hard time with.

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