Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Christmas in July: Jumper Cable Bag - Dad's Style

I have known how to sew for about 15 years now.  While I still lived with my parents (before Matt and I got married) my Dad requested a jumper cable bag, and he was pretty specific about what he wanted.  I never got around to making him one.  Because Matt and I have pretty tight finances, I need to make gifts, instead of buying them.  I had this brilliant plan to make his bag finally.
I took a pair of Matt's old holey jeans and am using those.

A good heavy duty zipper is a must.  I got this one from WalMart.
 I split open the legs and cut the pieces apart.

I cut a piece roughly the size I wanted the bag.

I used a marker and yarn to draw a circle.

I cut out all of my other pieces.

I sewed in the zipper first, it is harder to do it later.

Then sewed all of the pieces together.

Here is what makes this one so special. I opens all the way and not only half.  He also needs things really durable.

These are Matt's jumper cables, they are small compared to my Daddy's.  My Daddy doesn't do anything small.  He lives by the motto "Go big or go home", you should see his pickup.  There you have it, a jumper cable bag fit for my Daddy.

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