Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christmas in July - Picture Frames: Heather's Style

Hey All, today I am working on a Christmas gift for my Sister.  Heather is a very "Redneck Cowgirl", her words not mine.  For years she owned and spent all of her spare time with livestock, specifically horses.  While growing up she and I were very different personalities, she wore big belt buckles and cowboy hats and I wore coveralls and grease.

Anyway, she likes really rustic/western stuff.  I decided last Christmas that I was going to make/buy things that meant something to the people that I was giving it too.  I try to craft as much as possible.  My parents were recently going through their closet and getting rid of things that were worn out or not fitting.  I thieved a couple of my Dad's old belts and decided I had a use for them.

I decided they were the perfect width for a couple of picture frames.  I bought the frames from Michael's

 and some upholstery tacks from Lowe's. 

 I already had everything else that I needed.  Hammer, cutters, E-6000, and some black paint.  These were a pretty cheap and easy project.

I took the glass and back out of the picture frames and painted them black.  

Then I cut the belt to the sizes that I needed them with the angles that I needed.  I Put down some E-6000 and put the belt pieces back down.  Then I nailed the pieces down with some upholstery tacks and allowed them to dry over night.

The best thing about these frames is that they can go either way.

I really hope she likes them.  They have a bit of my Dad in them because of the belts, and a bit of me, obviously.  I am so happy that they turned out as good as they did.

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