Friday, July 12, 2013

Gearing up for Preschool: Number Match Puzzle Pieces

This one was kind of cheating too.  I found these at Dollar General as well.  I have seen things like this done before.  I wanted to make them, but the time it would have taken was a long time.  Plus for the way I wanted to make them it would have cost more that I wanted it to.
Simple number matching is great for Dakota and Austin.

I think they are so cute, for their ages.

They weren't going to fit into their bag again.

I put them into a zipper top and my cheating was done.
Things in my life have become really busy this month and I still want to get everything done that I had planned.  This means that I will have to take some shortcuts in some places.  I still want to be putting together some busy bags, but they be a few things like this.

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