Monday, July 29, 2013

Mom Challenge: Week 10 and Week 11 Intro

This weeks challenge was to raise a reader.  I think that I have done a pretty good job with this one so far.  Cheyenne is a very good reader, though she has been going to reading classes for quite some time now.  She didn't need them, but the extra help is always good.  My other two love to be read to as well.  We try to read a story every night before bed.

Because she can read so well we are getting to a point where we cannot spell around her anymore.  There have been times when a have been messaging a friend and Chey is reading my message as I type it, she is to smart for her own britches.  I can't leave any birthday lists around anymore.

Cheyenne loves spiders so much that it was inevitable that we would start reading Charlottes Web.  Every spider pet (ones that she catches in a jar) are named Charlotte.  She loves the book, and the fact that Charlotte can read and spell.

The challenge for next week is to use the teachable moments.  This is something that Matt is especially good at.  I love that he is so good at teaching them new things.  I always need some help in this area.

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