Monday, July 22, 2013

Mom Challenge: Week 9 and Week 10 Intro

The challenge for this week is to stop making excuses for your kids and challenge them.  We have been both types of parents, we have made excuses for things that we don't want to deal with and made them do things that others thought that they were too young for.  Matt and I are working on not making excuses for them and stepping up to the plate and dealing with the things that are really hard.

When my babies were tiny, the doctor said that they don't need a bottle after they are 6 months old.  When they were that age we switched them over to a sippy cup, so many people thought that we were crazy.  It was fine with all three of them.  We have never really babied our kids and I am thankful for that.  On the other hand we haven't made them do a lot of other things that they should be able to do.

This week Dakota finally learned how to buckle himself.  We have challenged him to do it, he gets to learn how to vacuum the floor now - he is so excited.

This picture was actually taken a while ago when he decided to play with one of my vacuum cleaners.  Now he literally gets to play with it and he won't get in trouble.

Next weeks challenge is to raise a reader.  This one isn't very hard, we have already been doing this.

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